Date: 01/04/2004-31/03/2007

FASTER project – Fostering Alliances for Sustainable Transport in European Research

FASTER is a Specific Support Action funded under the “Stepping up Economic and Technological Intelligence” (ETI) programme aiming at stimulating
SME participation in the 6th Framework Programme (FP6) for Research and Technological Development.

FASTER is a platform of added value services for European SMEs of the transport sector, in particular maritime, and related business areas.
Its main goal is to promote the participation of SMEs in the EU Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) of Research and Technological Development (RTD), with priority to the so called Integrated Projects (IPs) and Networks of Excellence (NoE).
To this end FASTER identifies a basin of “qualified European SMEs” and provide a set of services enabling them to become real actors in FP6.

FA S T E R is implemented by a consortium of organisations with privileged links to European SMEs in general and on the transport sector and related business in
particular, and a group of consultancy companies that combine sound expertise in the project sectors and successful experience in facilitating the participation of SMEs in RTD activities.
FASTER consultants assist the identified excellent SMEs in their integration process into IPs and NoEs and in their involvement into new project proposals to be submitted within the EU RTD funding schemes.