website minervaWebsite setup and management for a greater reach!

MINERVA’s team is particularly specialised in designing Websites for EU projects such as research projects or supporting actions.

In other words, we setup and manage websites with clear language that does not lose its value for experts in the sector, but is still easily understood by the general public.

The websites reflect the projects’ professional research aspects through a dynamic image.

Whether you are a research institute, an NGO, a private company, or a public organisation, our professional web developers and web designers can work as a team to find the right solution for your expectations.

Websites can contain a large number of pages that require specific ergonomics and a logical layout. Others can be simply attractive with eye-catching images, well designed layouts and clear information for the fast visitors.

We can either provide partners with solutions to update their own website easily or we can do it for you.

MINERVA is also particularly concerned with indexing your website in search engines (such as Google) in order for the target users to find it immediately.