communication strategy minervaDevelop a strategy that best suits your project!

The Communication Strategy is the starting point of every communication action, in which we plan the communication needed for your project or your business by choosing from a wide range of communication tools .

In particular, it consists of the strategic actions and the dissemination process that will be implemented during the project lifespan. It details the means and modalities in which the communication and dissemination activities will be articulated.
It also includes the realisation and production of communication material, to the setting up of an ad-hoc press office that helps in guaranteeing the contacts with the media in different countries and promoting the information and consensus about the project initiative.

All the actions outlined in the Communication Strategy aim to contact, involve and gain the commitment of the major project stakeholders.

MINERVA can support you in the elaboration of an outstanding and strategic communication plan for the whole duration of your project and in coordinating the project’s related activities at three levels: local, national and international.

Our team can work closely with you in order to find out what marketing tool(s) best suit(s) your project and, once defined, MINERVA regularly identifies and measures the impact of the proposed communication plan, its actions and its tools.