eu programmes minervaImpact beyond your audience and ensure to have the communication tools you need!

MINERVA gives support to research partners in a consortium, executing all dissemination and communication activities and raising awareness to target stakeholders and the public at large. In addition, Minerva is experienced in the management of EU administrative issues, in the reporting and accounting procedures.

Minerva can work in all priorities and themes of the RTD Framework Programme, at regional, national and international levels, empowered by the most up to date and innovative communication tools.

We can advise our partners on all of the communication and dissemination aspects on the basis of the specific needs through tailored and ad hoc services.

Minerva’s role in EU Projects

  • Communication and dissemination work package leader, including the drafting and preparation;
  • Preparation and implementation of the dissemination plan;
  • Setup of main communication and dissemination tools to increase the visibility of the project to the scientific community, to targeted industries and to the public at large;
  • Organisation of dedicated events, workshops and media campaigns in synergy with other European-wide related events and initiatives to give the project the right impact;
  • Media and press relation to raise awareness of achievements, publications, results and activities;
  • Impact assessment of the activities carried out during the whole duration of the project