What is Brussels Science Apéro?

Brussels SciencSCIENCE APERO FINAL LOGO FOR WEBe Apéro is an initiative launched by MINERVA Consulting and Communication. The aim is to bring science outside of its familiar walls of laboratories and universities by engaging the public in discussions on scientific issues related to our daily life.

MINERVA aims to promote science by turning to the public at the local level through the launch of regular Brussels Science Apéro events. Brussels Science Apéro takes place once per month in the early evening held in English or in French.

The term ‘Science Café’, which is the inspiration for Brussels Science Apéro, is an event where scientific curiosity is welcome and where an exchange between researchers and the public about the predefined topics are encouraged. Each event will feature one or two speakers to address each predefined scientific topic that concerns our daily life. Themes will include: food, health, water, energy, neuroscience, urban legends about flying, Internet addiction and lots more.

Brussels Science Apéro attendance is free of charge and open to everyone. The public is invited to listen, express their point of view and ask questions. Brussels Science Apéro is an informal and casual event where you can listen to researchers and scientists talk about their knowledge of expertise.

This event does not classify as a conference or a science night course.

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