audio-visual minervaReach your audience through a variety of different communication channels!

Images and the spoken word are more powerful than written text but the videos, images and audio material need to be professionally combined and distributed.

MINERVA is also specialised in audio-visual production and distribution.

Whether you are looking for a short video of 3-5 minutes to promote your EU project or for a presentation of your business services, or for a series of interviews to inquire a group of researchers and thus give visibility to your activity, you can address our audio-visual team at

Our produced audio-visual material is available on MINERVA youtubeCHANNEL  and is distributed upon request to science events, festivals, research congresses and international conferences.
In addition to videos, MINERVA takes care of the preparation of ad-hoc tools to accompany the video, such as a leaflet presenting the video and the project in general, dedicated press releases to launch the video produced and distribute it largely, organisation of launch events or press conferences.

 Visit also our STREAM logoproject YOU TUBE CHANNEL